October 30, 2011


Shane and I are pleased to announce, fresh from the pond, the birth of our son. 
Born at home on September 30, 2011, weighing 7 pounds, 5 ounces.
No koi were harmed in the birthing process.

June 16, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi! I’m Jane. My husband Shane and I are planning a Koi Assisted Water birth for our son, due October 4, 2011. I’ve gotten a few questions, so I thought I’d put together a website.

How are the koi going to assist? They’re stuck in the water
We have a large 3500 gallon koi tank and have about 15 mature fish. The tank is indoors, so it’s perfect for a water birth.

Why koi?
Koi, or 錦鯉, are ornamental varieties of domesticated Cyprinus carpio). Koi are excellent birthing partners. Female koi give birth to thousands or tens of thousands of babies with the assistance of their male companions. That’s exactly the kind of birthing energy I want! Also, we know that reducing stress levels promotes a healthy, safe, faster birth. I can’t think of anything more stressless than floating in a warm water tank, letting go and letting my fish companions guide me through birth.

Uh, bacteria? Algae?
We plan to do a Potassium Permanganate treatement in early labor. We’ll have to pull the plants out, but it sterilizes the water and the fish, then you neutralize it with hydrogen peroxide, another anti-microbial. It’s a well known parasite treatment for fish. In general the koi tank water is safe enough to drink if it’s safe enough to support healthy fish. But we’re not taking any chances. Potassium Permanganate it is. Bonus – It’s purple!

Isn’t it a little cold?
No, we have a heater.

Are you planning an unassisted birth?
Uh, no silly! The koi will be there. And, of course, I have a midwife. I’m not stupid. Midwife attended births are safer than unassisted births. But I expect the koi to take the lead role in the birth. My midwife can sit on the pond edge, or I’ll have an air mattress for her. I have a wonderful doula, too, for extra support for myself and my husband.

What does your midwife think?
Well, it’s not up to her. She can have her babies her way, and I’ll do my birth my way.

How long does the baby stay under water?
Well, I plan to let the koi guide him up to me. But Shane will be standing by with a net, just in case.